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What is Flat Rate Credit Card Processing?

By |Published On: February 25th, 2022|

Credit card processing statements can be confusing, and often include a bundle of complicated fees and charges. We offer flat rate credit card processing solutions that make it easier for merchants in the U.S. and Canada to run their business, including:

  • Fixed monthly rate
  • Interchange plus pricing
  • Tiered pricing
  • Easy to read statements

How Does EBizCharge Provide Flat Rate Credit Card Processing?

We determine an effective flat fee for your business by analyzing up to 2-3 years of processing history. Next, we simply bundle all processing fees and deduct a small percentage of your total processing volume at the end of every month. Your business will receive one simple statement and charge each month to keep processing costs at a straightforward, predictable rate.

Is Flat Rate Credit Card Processing Right For My Business?

Businesses processes in varying quantities. While flat rate credit card processing may not be necessary for seasonal businesses, stable businesses that operate year-round and process $20-$100 thousand per month could benefit greatly from flat rate processing.

How Transparent is This Pricing Model?

Flat rate processing doesn’t list the details of every transaction at the end of the month. So, compared to other pricing models such as interchange plus, flat rate pricing is less transparent but more predictable.

How Can I Apply?

Simply call 888-500-7798×2 to get in touch with one of our Support Specialists today and find out how you can achieve flat rate credit card processing.

With EBizCharge, we are always up-front and never include hidden fees. The video below can explain even more:


Non-compliance fees can be costly. Your business deserves a payment tool that is PCI compliant out of the box.

  • Credit/eCheck processing

  • 100% PCI compliant

  • Unlimited support

  • Chargeback management

  • No contracts
  • Easy setup

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