Payments built for the future of business.

Payments built for the future of business.

I have been using EBizCharge for several years, this is the best customer service vendor for credit cards I have ever experienced. It is very user friendly, and the quality of the product is great.

Payment Processing

Credit/Debit Processing

Online, in person, over the phone, or on the go – EBizCharge can handle all your payments across any sales channel imaginable.

eCheck Processing

Electronic checks are a great digital payment option for recurring transactions, bill payments, and auto payments.

Integrated Payments

Integrate payment acceptance into your ERP, CRM, eCommerce or Accounting system.

Email Pay

Send payment links for customers to conveniently pay invoices.

Customer Payment Portal

Give your customers an online portal to view and pay invoices at their convenience.


A “no code” payment solution that connects directly into your shopping cart.

EMV Terminal

Securely accept in-person payment with EMV machines.

Virtual Terminal New!

Accept credit cards on any web browser, and from any device.

Text-To-Pay Coming Soon!

Text payment links to your customers for speedy transactions.

Hosted Checkouts

A “no code” online payment solution that easily integrates to your website.

Saved Cards

Securely save customer cards for quick checkouts upon repeat visits.

Auto Payments

Automatically close a customer's statement amount at the end of each pay period.

Recurring Billing

Set customers up on recurring invoice payments. Ex: $10 recurring invoice each month

Benefits of Integrations

Decrease DSO

Speed up the time it takes to collect payments by offering customers easier/convenient payment options.

No 3rd-Party Systems

Native integration means you won’t need to open any 3rd party application to collect payments


Avoid double data entry by syncing payments back into your general ledger upon payment of invoice.

Eliminate Human Error

Avoid data entry errors by automatically syncing payments into your invoicing system.

Invoice Management

Create Invoices & Sales Orders

Easily create invoices and sales orders directly with EBizCharge and watch them automatically sync into your existing ERP/accounting system.

Pre-Auth Invoices & Sales Orders

Preauthorize all invoices and sales orders directly inside EBizCharge, getting them prepped for easy payment and your business’s benefit.

Edit Invoices & Sales Orders

Remove unnecessary stress by editing sales orders and invoices directly inside EBizCharge. Simply re-enter the new information to update them

Invoice Payments

Give your customers the ability to easily view and pay any open invoice.

Customer Management

Request Payment Method

Easily and securely get payment information from your customers. You’ll be able to securely store the info inside EBizCharge for future use.

Manage Payment Methods

Add, remove, or edit existing payment methods assigned to each customer account at any time, which include any type of credit card or bank account.

Saved Payment Methods

Enjoy the ability to save multiple payment methods for each customer account, whether it be a credit card or bank account of any kind.


TLS 1.2 Protocols

EBizCharge uses the latest TLS protocol to protect your customers’ data when sending it online.

PCI Compliance

Avoid non-compliant fees by adding a psi-certified payment system to your business.

Customizable Fraud Modules

Use module controls to set numerous levels of security to personalize your gateway.

Tokenization & Encryption

Tokenization is the process of substituting sensitive data (such as credit card numbers) with non-sensitive equivalents.

Off-Site Data Storage

EBizCharge enables you to store data on our secure third-party server, reducing your liability and protecting your data from attacks.


50+ Search Criteria

Build custom reports with over 50 criteria available as parameters.

Filtered Data

Filter the data you see inside EBizCharge using any set of parameters you desire.

Transaction History

See the transaction history of any customer profile through a simple search.

View and Sort Data

View and sort through all payment data, including invoices, late payments, channels, and much more.

Saved Reports

Tokenization is the process of substituting sensitive data (such as credit card numbers) with non-sensitive equivalents.

Export Data

Easily download any information and export as a CSV file.

Account Settings

Customer Profile Updates

Give your customers the ability to update their account information, including usernames, passwords, their name, and all other account settings.

Product Tours

Our products offer in-platform tours that show customers all the information and tools they need to know about while using EBizCharge.

Admin Settings

Enjoy the full ability to update all user settings on the admin-facing side of our software.

Decrease time spent
chasing payments

Decrease time spent chasing payments


Speed up payment collection by 200% using tools like email pay and the customer payment portal.


Save up to 43% on overall processing costs by utilizing our services together.

12 hours

Save up to 12 hours per week by automating manual accounting practices with pre-built integrations.