We guarantee to match or beat your current processing costs– even with all our features and integrations!

How does pricing work?

How does pricing work?

EBizCharge is a payment processor at its core. All features and integrations come standard with most merchant accounts¹. We can guarantee cost savings of up to 43% off your current processing costs.

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  • $0 Cancellation Costs

  • Guaranteed Low Costs

  • Unlimited Support

  • $0 Hidden Fees

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pci compliance

EBizCharge is a certified PCI provider and works to protect your business from data breaches and other cyber attacks. To learn more about our security efforts, visit ebizcharge.com/security

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We’re trusted by 400,000+ users.

We’re trusted by 400,000+ users.

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EBizCharge charges a customized fee that is dependent on the card types you charge. To get an exact amount, please contact the EBizCharge sales team.

Yes. You will need to open a merchant account with EBizCharge in order to use our services.

EBizCharge supports all major credit cards, debit cards, and eChecks.

If all batches are closed on time, the funds should be deposited in your account within 24 hours.

EBizCharge is easy to use and can be learned by users of all experience levels. Our in-house support team offers unlimited training at no cost for current and new employees too.

Please contact an EBizCharge team member. They will be happy to assist and answer any question you might have. You can call (888) 500-7798 or