EBizCharge vs. Versapay

EBizCharge vs. Versapay

EBizCharge is a smarter alternative to Versapay, streamlining AR tasks to save you time and money.

While Versapay combines multiple 3rd-party apps into one solution, EBizCharge stands out as the only all-in-one platform designed to embed and process payments seamlessly.

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EBizCharge is a certified PCI provider and works to protect your business from data breaches and other cyber attacks. To learn more about our security efforts, visist ebizcharge.com/security

Why choose EBizCharge over Versapay?

Overall     4.8/5     4.2/5
Meets Requirements 9.5 8.2
Ease of Use 9.5 8.4
Ease of Setup 9.0 8.1
Ease of Admin 9.3 8.5
Quality of Support 9.4 7.4
Ease of Doing Business With 9.5 7.9
Product Direction (% Positive) 9.7 7.8

Why choose EBizCharge over Versapay?


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Meets Requirements

Ease of Use

Ease of Setup

Ease of Admin

Quality of Support

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Product Direction (% Positive)

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3 reasons to choose EBizCharge over Versapay

3 reasons to choose EBizCharge over Versapay


Do less manual AR work

AR teams save 6-8 hours weekly with EBizCharge. Our smart payment engine automates cash applications and sends payment requests, streamlining the process.


Save money on payment processing

EBizCharge guarantees the most competitive rates in the industry. As a one-stop shop, we typically save our customers up to 43%.


Collect payments faster

Reduce days outstanding by up to two weeks with EBizCharge. Features like email pay, an online bill pay portal, and recurring billing minimize back-and-forth communication and accelerate the billing process.