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Video: How to Export a Report in Salesforce: Made Easy!

In this video, we will be showing you how to easily export a report in Salesforce.

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Exporting a Report to Excel in 3 Easy Steps

Exporting a report to Excel is necessary when you want to backup the data from the reports that you’ve generated. With reports piling up in your Salesforce account, it’s crucial to export it to Excel so you don’t lose all of the work your team has done for these reports.

Exporting the reports to excel is simple and is done in these simple steps…

  1. From the Sales Console homepage using the Salesforce Lightning Experience, select Reports from the dropdown menu.
    navigating to the reports tab from the sales console homepage
  2. Then, navigate to the down arrow on the right side of your screen on the report that you wish to export, then select Export.
    export the report in the salesforce lightning experience
  3. Finally, select the export view that you desire, and select Export.
    select the type of export view you want for you report in salesforce lightning experience

Your report will then be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet onto your computer that you can print, edit, or just use as a backup file for Salesforce.


Exporting your Salesforce reports to Excel should be an effortless process, and these step-by-step instructions will help you fly through the process.

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