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Video: How to Create an Email Campaign in Salesforce: Made Easy!

This video describes the steps necessary for creating an effective email campaign in Salesforce in a simplified manner.

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Creating an Email Campaign in Salesforce 8 simple steps

Developing an effective email campaign in Salesforce is essential for a multitude of reasons.

One reason is that your team is trying to reach out to newfound potential customers and need to make a creative email template to attract these individuals. In Salesforce, you can effectively do so by personalizing the email to each of the potential new customers.

Below are the 8 easy steps to create an email campaign in Salesforce…

  1. From the Salesforce Classic home screen, select Setup.
    navigate to the top right of the screen to select setup in salesforce classic
  2. Navigate to the left side of your screen. Under Communication Templates, select Classic Email Templates.
    classic email template in salesforce classic setup homepage
  3. Then, on the Classic Email Template home page, select New Template.
    new template in salesforce classic for classic email campaigns
  4. You can then select the type of template you’d like to use here. Once you’ve selected the right template for your campaign, hit Next.
    selecting the type of email campaign that you wish to run in salesforce classic
  5. You’re able to personalize your email by using the Available Merge Fields tool on the left side of your screen. Simply select one of the fields, then copy & paste it into the body of your email.
    personalizing email template
  6. Once you’ve customized your email and written everything out, hit Save.
  7. Next, you can then preview your email template and send a test to yourself to make sure everything looks good and ready to send to potential customers.
  8. Finally, if the test email looked good, you can now go to your saved email templates and then send it out!


Creating an email campaign in Salesforce is a great way to reach new clients in a personalized and efficient manner.

While there are a lot of different ways to personalize your email campaign, these 8 steps give you a clear picture of how to simply create an email campaign.

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