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Video: How to Create a Sales Report in Salesforce Easily

In this video, we’ll be showing you how to create a sales report in Salesforce with a few easy steps.

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Creating a Sales Report in Salesforce in 5 simple steps

Creating a sales report in Salesforce is an effective way to display complicated information in an intuitive and simplified way to your sales team.

Below are the 5 steps for creating a sales report in Salesforce…

  1. From the Sales Console homepage using the Salesforce Lightning Experience, select Reports from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen.
    from the salesforce lightning experience homepage, navigate to the reports tab in the sales console dashboard
  2. Then, on the Reports homepage, click New Report at the top right of your screen.
    navigating to select new report in the reports dashboard in salesforce lightning experience
  3. You can then select the type of report that you wish to run. Once you’ve selected your desired report, click Continue.
    choosing the type of report in salesforce lightning experience
  4. Once you’ve chosen the report you want to run, you can add any filters to customize the report.
    select any filters you might need when running your reports in the salesforce lightning experience
  5. Finally, select Save & Run at the top right of your screen once you’re ready to run the report.
    select save and run once you've entered in the details of the report


Creating a report in Salesforce is simple and a great way to display technical data and information to your sales team. Following these 5 steps will guide you in the right direction towards effectively using this tool in Salesforce.

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