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Video: How to Create a New Opportunity in Salesforce: Made Simple!

This video discusses how to create a new opportunity in Salesforce in a simplistic manner so that your team will understand how to progress forward with your company’s opportunities.

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Creating a New Opportunity in Salesforce in 4 easy steps

Opportunities are contracts or accounts that you have already worked with and entered into the sales cycle. The opportunities feature in Salesforce, simply, allows you to observe every part of the process for this particular opportunity.

Below are the 4 simple steps needed to create a new opportunity in Salesforce…

  1. From the Sales home page using the Salesforce Lightning Experience, navigate to the Opportunities tab on the top of the screen.
    navigate to the top left of your screen and select the opportunities tab
  2. From the opportunities homepage, select New at the top right of the screen to create a new opportunity.
    creating a new opportunity in the salesforce lightning experience
  3. Enter in all the necessary information for the new opportunity. Once finished, select Save and you’re good to go!
    enter in all of the necessary details of the new opportunity in the salesforce lightning experience
  4. From here, you can observe and change the part of the process your team is on with this new opportunity.
    manage the new opportunity homepage in the salesforce lightning experience


The opportunities feature in Salesforce is a helpful tool to allow your company to keep track of how your team is doing with a particular opportunity.

Following these 4 effortless steps will help your company stay top of all of its opportunities and give your team a clear picture of how to move forward with the opportunity.

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