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Video: How to Create a Journal Entry in Quickbooks Online Quick!

This video displays the necessary steps to creating a journal entry in QuickBooks Online in a simplified method.

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Creating a journal entry in QuickBooks Online in 3 effortless steps

Entering in and creating journal entries in QuickBooks Online is an integral part of accounting and crucial for accountants to understand how to do so.

Here are the 3 simple steps to creating a journal entry in QuickBooks Online…

  1. From the main dashboard, navigate the the + New menu and select Journal.
    navigating to select a new journal entry from the quickbooks online main dashboard
  2. Enter in all of the necessary information for the journal entry.
    entering in all the journal entry details in quickbooks online
  3. Select Save & New and you’re good to go!
    navigating to hit save and new for the journal entry in quickbooks online


For accountants, creating journal entries is a routine aspect of their job and knowing how to easily enter them in on QuickBooks Online is crucial. This 3 step guide will help your accountants understand how to easily enter in journal entries on QuickBooks Online.

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