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Video: How to Create a Dashboard in Salesforce Quickly!

This video describes the essential steps of creating a dashboard in Salesforce so you can showcase quantitative data in a simplified and visually appealing way.

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Creating a Dashboard in Salesforce in 7 Effortless Steps

Creating an attractive dashboard is important for many different reasons.

One of the main reasons is that you’re able to display and showcase complicated quantitative datasets or lead information in a simplified graphical manner. This attracts the attention from your employees and makes it easier to display future goals.

Below are the 7 simple steps to create a dashboard in Salesforce…

  1. From the main home screen in the Salesforce Lightning Experience, navigate to the top of your screen and select Dashboards.
    navigate to the dashboards tab from the homepage of sales in the salesforce lightning experience
  2. On the dashboard home page, you can see a list of all the dashboards your company has created. To create a new dashboard, select New Dashboard on the top right.
    navigating to the new dashboard button in the dashboard homepage in the salesforce lightning experience
  3. Enter in the necessary information.
    enter in all of the details of the new dashboard in salesforce
  4. To add different features and graphics to your dashboard, select + Component.
    select new component for your dashboard in the salesforce lightning experience
  5. You can then select the information and data that you wish to use for your dashboard. Once finished, hit Select.
    adding in the reports into the salesforce lightning experience dashboard
  6. Customize your dashboard with different types of graphs.
    customize your dashboard by selecting the type of graphs and displays you want to use for your dashboard in the salesforce lightning experience
  7. Finally, once you’ve added all of the charts and graphs, you can organize them how you wish and make the dashboard look nice. Once finished organizing, select Save and you’re good to go!
    finish the process of creating a dashboard by hitting save


Creating a dashboard in Salesforce is an important feature to utilize to showcase technical information to your team in an attractive graphical way.

While you can customize your dashboard in a multitude of ways, these 7 steps prepare you to set up an attractive dashboard for your team.

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