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Authorize.Net Will No Longer Be Available in Acumatica: What This Means and How to Avoid Downtimes

By |Published On: June 26th, 2024|

Recently, Acumatica announced in their community portal (Release Notes 2024 R1 RC) that the Authorize.Net plug-in will no longer be supported or available for Acumatica ERP 2025 and future versions, starting with the Acumatica ERP 2025 R1 release.

Acumatica is expected to discontinue support for older releases shortly after.

In light of this recent news, merchants using Authorize.Net in Acumatica must implement the necessary changes to adapt their future payment systems and avoid any operational delays.

What this means for your payments in Acumatica

The decommissioning of Authorize.Net will significantly impact Acumatica users currently using this payment gateway.

Merchants currently using the Authorize.Net plug-in for Acumatica will likely need to find a new supported gateway and payment processor to ensure they can still accept and process payments in their ERP system.

Additionally, eCommerce businesses that use Authorize.Net in their BigCommerce stores may not be able to apply payments back into Acumatica.

Since this change will go into effect with the Acumatica ERP 2025 R1 release, businesses are recommended to promptly make necessary arrangements to ensure that disruptions don’t impact their current payment collections.

Finding a new payment gateway to avoid downtimes in Acumatica

Payment processing delays can be detrimental to your company. They can lead to late or missed payments, poor user experience, slow cash flow, reduced revenue, and even customer loss.

To avoid downtimes related to customer payments and invoicing processes, your business should swiftly transition to a payment processor with a reliable payment gateway that supports all its operational needs in Acumatica.

Merchants should consider cost-effective, certified payment processing solutions with seamless integrations into Acumatica when evaluating other processors. This system should also provide robust payment collection tools, advanced security measures, and other valuable features for the most optimal payment processing experience.

Thankfully, top-rated solutions like EBizCharge can provide this functionality and more.

EBizCharge for Acumatica

EBizCharge serves as a great alternative to Authorize.Net that transforms payment processing in Acumatica

Despite the numerous payment processing solutions on the market, not all are created equal. Luckily, there are providers like EBizCharge with an Acumatica-Certified Marketplace Application that users have trusted for 8+ years. EBizCharge is an all-in-one payment processing software that syncs high-quality merchant services, a powerful payment gateway, and robust accounting and ERP payment integrations into a centralized hub.

The EBizCharge payment integration for Acumatica enables merchants to effortlessly collect and process credit, debit, and ACH payments directly inside this ERP system. It also automates cash applications, provides unmatched payment security, and gets you paid faster.

EBizCharge accomplishes all this by providing a suite of payment collection tools that consist of secure email payment links, an online customer payment portal, mobile and auto-pay options, fraud prevention modules, off-site data storage, custom reporting, and more.

EBizCharge also works with eCommerce systems like BigCommerce for merchants to accept payments in their shopping cart and apply them back into Acumatica.

Thanks to its powerful software and comprehensive suite of payment features, EBizCharge can transform your payment processing efforts in Acumatica.

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