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Feature Focus: How to Email Invoices

By |Published On: February 25th, 2020|

Not only does EBizCharge simplify your reconciliation process and lower your credit card processing fees, it also offers an array of features to further improve your billing workflow. One of these features is email pay, which gives you the ability to email invoices directly to your customers.

Americans pay the majority of their bills online, which means you may be losing business if your company doesn’t offer online billing options. You may also be wasting valuable time trying to reach your customers for over-the-phone payments during business hours, and your revenue stream may be inconsistent because your customers don’t always pay on time.

Email pay is the simple solution. When you email invoices to your customers, they can pay off their balances with a credit card or ACH account on their own time through a secure webform. It doesn’t matter if your business is closed or if you’re on vacation—with email pay, you can receive payments at any time. EBizCharge makes it easy to import payments back into your ERP system and apply them to invoices, marking them as paid and balancing your AR/GL accordingly.

How it works

All you have to do is send an email. First, choose from your library of existing email templates. Then, schedule them to be sent out at predetermined intervals. Your email template of choice will automatically pull details from the invoices you create, including invoice number, due date, and amount owed. Upon receiving the email, the customer clicks the link, which will take them to a webform protected by encryption and tokenization. Once payment has been received, a receipt will automatically be emailed to the customer and the payment will sync back to your ERP system.

Because EBizCharge gives you the ability to email invoices directly from your ERP system, it eliminates the need to toggle between programs and increases your efficiency as a result. You can save time and minimize the runaround by implementing email pay. Plus, if your customers have the option to pay safely and easily via webform at any time, rather than having to connect with you on the phone during business hours, they will be more likely to pay their invoices on time. This will improve your cash flow and provide the resources you need to focus on growing your business.

Tip of the iceberg

Other payment integrations offer email pay functionality, but EBizCharge also utilizes the most up-to-date security measures, like off-site data storage, fraud prevention modules, and a PCI-compliant payment gateway, to keep your customers’ sensitive information safe and lower your processing costs. In addition, it’s backed by an easily accessible support team that’s ready to help with anything from setup and training to upgrades and troubleshooting. A chargeback management team is also available to offer expert advice and guide you through the chargeback process as needed.

When choosing a payment integration, don’t let flashy features distract you from the absence of more practical ones. Start by looking for seamless integration, trustworthy security, transparent pricing, and a reliable support team so you know you’re making a worthwhile investment.

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